A Handbook of 20th Century United States Gold Coins 1907-1933 2nd Edition

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David Akers' Handbook of 20th Century U.S. Gold Coins was hailed as a classic from its first publication date in 1988. Now, two decades later, this second edition offers a much expanded and updated version of its predecessor. 

The much celebrated designs of Bela Lyon Pratt and Augustus Saint-Gaudens are featured through a chronological date and mintmark survey of all Quarter Eagles, Half Eagles, Eagles and Double Eagles. Also included in this new edition is all new information on gold Proof coins.

Complimented by full color obverse and reverse images, each coin is broken down by strike, luster, color, surface, eye appeal, rarity and population. Significant examples of each coin, auction appearances and prices realized also make a debut in this new edition.

Regular $34.95. 6 x 9, 363 pages. Copyright 2008. ISBN 978-1-933990-14-9

This book has been discontinued - we have a few left in stock. Some covers are scuffed up. But otherwise in excellent condition.