Air-Tite Holders

Air-Tite Holders are a two piece snap together acrylic capsule, used to completely enclose a single coin. Each piece is injected molded for precision and contains a non-yellowing agent to help maintain visual clarity over time. All their components of Air-Tite holders are totally inert and PVC free.

Air-Tite Holders with rings are capsules designed to hold a soft die-cut polyethylene ring to fit around your coin. Not only does this serve to hold a coin securely in place, but will hold nearly any coin minted in the Unite States and around the world.

Air-Tite Direct Fits are capsules molded to hold a specific coin. The coin fits securely into the holder and does not require or include an additional sizing ring. They are only offered for the most popular coins.

If you need some assistance in locating the correct size for your coin. Please refer to The Air-Tite Size Chart Here. Or it is located under the Information Tab above.


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