Air-Tite Holder Size Chart

The following chart is for Air-Tite coin holders. These types of holders are a two-piece, snap together, acrylic capsule that consists of a cover and a base to completely enclose a single coin. There are two primary systems of Air-Tite capsules: Air-Tites with Rings and Direct Fit Air-Tites. Air-Tites with Rings are capsules designed to hold a soft die-cut polyethylene ring to fit around the coin for extra protection. Where as the Direct Fit Air-Tites, does not have this ring and the coin is a direct fit in the capsule.

Please note: First number listed is the Direct Fit Number. Second number listed in “mm” is the size of the Air-Tites with Rings. If no number is listed before the “mm” size, then there is no Direct Fit Air-Tite holder at this time.

**If you do not see your coin type here - please contact us with information and we will find you the correct holder, if available.

 United States Direct Fit Holder Holder with Ring
Half Cent (1793) 22mm
Half Cent (all others) 22mm
Lg. Cent (Chain)(1793) 26-28mm
Lg. Cent (Wreath)(1793) 26-28mm
Lg. Cent (1793-1814) 29mm
Lg. Cent (Coronet)(1816-18-36) 28-29mm
Lg. Cent (Coronet: young)(1835-1857) 27mm
Sm. Cent A19 19mm
Two Cent 23mm
Three Cent (silver) 14mm
Three Cent (nickel) 18mm
Nickel (1866-1883) 20mm
Nickel (all others) A21 21mm
Half Dime (1794-1805) 16mm
Half Dime (all others) 15mm
Dime (1796-1837) 19mm
Dime (all others) A18 18mm
Twenty Cent 22mm
Quarter (1796-1828) 27mm
Quarter (all others) A24 24mm
Half Dollar (1794-1836) 32mm
Half Dollar (all others) T30 30mm
Dollar (Susan B Anthony) A26 26mm
Dollar (Sacagawea, Presidential) A26 26mm
Dollar (1794-1839) 39-40mm
Dollar (1840-1978) H38 38mm
Dollar (American Silver Eagle) H40 40mm
Cent (1876-1920) 25mm
Cent (1921-date) A19 19mm
Nickel (1870-1921) 15mm
Nickel (1922-date) A21 21mm
Dime A18 18mm
Quarter A24 24mm
Half Dollar (1870-1966) T30 30mm
Half Dollar (1968-date) 27mm
Dollar (silver)(1935-1967) 36mm
Dollar (nickel)(1968-date) 32mm
Loonie 26mm
Twoonie 28mm
Dollar (Silver Maple Leaf) 38mm
Cent 16mm
Two Cent 18mm
Five Cent 21mm
Ten Cent 19mm
Twenty Cent 22mm
Fifty Cent 24mm
1 Euro 23mm
2 Euro 25mm
United States Gold
$1 (type 1) 13mm
$1 (type 2 & 3) 15mm
$1 Commemorative 15mm
$2½ (1795-1808) 20mm
$2½ (all others) 18mm
$2½ Commemorative 18mm
$3 20mm
$4 22mm
$5 (1795-1829) 25mm
$5 (1830-1834) 23mm
$5 (1835-1838) 22mm
$5 (1839-1929) 21mm
$10 (1795-1804) 33mm
$10 (1838-1933) 27mm
$20 AT34 34mm
$50 Commemorative 40mm
$50 American Buffalo H32 32mm
First Spouse Gold, Lg Cent Chain, Lg Cent Wreath 26mm
American Eagle Gold & Platinum
1/10 oz ($5 gold/$10 platinum) A16 16mm
1/4 oz ($10 gold/$25 platinum) A22 22mm
1/2 oz ($25 gold/$50 platinum) H27 27mm
1 oz ($50 gold/$100 platinum) H32 32mm
Austrian Gold (philharmonics)
1/10 oz A16 16mm
1/4 oz A22 22mm
1/2 oz 28mm
1 oz 37mm
Austrian Gold (dragons, kangaroos, snakes)
1/20 oz 14mm
1/10 oz A16 16mm
1/4 oz 20mm
1/2 oz 25mm
1 oz H32 32mm
Canadian Gold (maple leafs)
1/20 oz 14mm
1/10 oz A16 16mm
1/4 oz 20mm
1/2 oz 25mm
1 oz 30mm
China Gold (pandas)
1/20 oz 14mm
1/10 oz A18 18mm
1/4 oz A22 22mm
1/2 oz H27 27mm
1 oz H32 32mm
China Silver (pandas)
1/10 oz 19mm
1/4 oz 26mm
1/2 oz 31mm
1 oz 40mm
South African Gold  (krugerrands)
1/10 oz A16 16mm
1/4 oz A22 22mm
1/2 oz H27 27mm
1 oz H32 32mm