1968-S Mint Proof Set

1968-S Mint Proof Set

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Proof Set production resumed in 1968. Proof Set production was shifted to San Francisco, and the "S" mintmark was added to Proof Coins for the very first time. The mintmark was moved to the front of the coin, an innovation that created additional demand for the sets. 1968 also saw the re-introduction of the "Proof-only" concept, where certain Proof coins were unavailable in a regular version (in 1968, this included the Proof-only 1968-S Dimes, Quarters and Half Dollars).

Each set contained five coins: One example each of the Lincoln Cent, Jefferson Nickel, Roosevelt Dime, Washington Quarter, and Kennedy Half Dollar.

1968-S Proof Coins are found with Brilliant, Cameo, and Deep Cameo surfaces. 

Mintage: 3,041,506 sets

A number of different and exciting very rare varieties may be hiding in your 1968-S Proof Set:

• Doubled Die Obverse Cent – check "IN GOD WE TRUST" and "LIBERTY"

• Doubled Die Obverse Dime – check "IN GOD WE TRUST" and "LIBERTY"

• Doubled Die Reverse Dime – check any of the reverse lettering, the torch, and the leaves

• Doubled Die Obverse Quarter – check "IN GOD WE TRUST"," LIBERTY", and the date

• Doubled Die Reverse Quarter – check any of the reverse lettering

• Doubled Die Obverse Half Dollar – check "IN GOD WE TRUST"

The individual coins of the 1968-S Proof Set were inserted into holes in a black plastic insert, then sealed in a two-piece, clear plastic case. The case was then inserted into a protective outer cover consisting of blue cardboard imprinted with "United States Proof Set • 1968."

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